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As a Visionary, Entrepreneur, Creative Spark and Kingdom Influencer Kym embodies the epitome of a Spontaneous Idealists, the creator of ideas. She is very much the one who is going to say "you could do this, that, or try that."  The Chaos Coordinator.  Specializing in Experiential Marketing + Branding + Design and Project Operation Management she does everything from flyers, banners, websites, social events, gatherings, conferences, conventions + exhibits. She is know to mature Brands, Businesses and Events through design + experience towards ideal success proven through retention, growth and revenue. Her newest brand "People of God" hit fall of 2019 as she streamlined every social story with " People of God, People of God, ahhh." this signature intro has evolved into an apparel line that promotes Godly faith and assurance. Meeting Kym is an experience as she is full of contagious joy, motivation, love, and acceptance. She meets no strangers. 

Things I Love

Bursting into song
the Local Publix