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BRand Launch

Design + Strategy

What is the plan? What do you stand for? What are your goals? How will people know you? Who are you talking to? Creating an Inspiration Board gives direction to design all visuals to represent your business, brand or event. I provide you with a color palette, font types, patterns and textures, and moods that illustrate a cohesive message across all marketing channels. The goal is to get to know your brand/business/event and customize an appearance + experience that fits.

ChitChat with Kym  to start building the foundation of your brand, business, or event.

What We Do 

+ Flyers

+ Logos

+ Web Design

+ Business Cards

+ Print Collateral 

+ Media Kits

+ Product/ Apparel Design

+ Packaging Design

+ Banners & Posters

+ Square & Story Templates

+ Brand Design Guide

+ Motion/ Live Graphics

+ Stationary

+ Creative Direct Photoshoots

+ Brand Strategy

+ Content Creation

+ Brand Plan + Goals

+ Social Media + Brand Management 

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brand audits

Brand Audits are for those who already have a brand and feel like something is missing or things could be better. Did you set up your brand yourself? Are you confident in what you have? What's missing? Do you have everything you need to effectively engage your audience? These are the questions we are going to answer and build a plan around. I want to make sure you are at your business best. ChitChat with Kym now to get things started. 

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