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Catch the Replay: May's Design Essentials w/ Kym
This kourse emphasizes the design essentials through the lens of photoshop. By taking this kourse you will receive the tools to be able to express yourself and your clients visually. Be ye reminded that creativity cannot be taught. You have to utilize your own imagination and listen to your clients' needs for inspiration.
Things We Covered: + How to Build Promotion/Ad + Gradients, Styles & Effects + Masking+ Color Correcting + Typography + Photo Editing Intensive + Interactive Design #1+ Q&A Tips, Tricks & Tactics

Design Essentials May Edition

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Included
    + 2 Day Design Videos
    + DEK Reference Book
    + DEK Syllubus 
    + Elements for Both Project & Assignment
    +Mockups, Fonts & Extras

    Klass Goals
    + Build a well thought out graphic+ Design on your own Promotions & Ads+ Have knowledge to create for your desired audience+ Build a graphic for someone else.

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